Everyone is born unique. We all possess traits that set us apart from others. To enhance the teaching skills of our faculty, a personality development workshop was organised at our school from June 14th to 16th, 2019. The resource person for the workshop was Shri P. Ganapathi Pillai, a Teacher Trainer who is in charge of Amrita Vidyalayam schools in Tamil Nadu. He was accompanied by Br. Sureshji and Shri Rajvel, Academic Co-ordinator of Amrita Vidyalayam schools in Tamil Nadu.

The workshop began by invoking Amma’s blessings by lighting the sacred lamp. Our Amrita Vidyalayam aims to develop a child-centred approach which would give our students the inner strength and security they need to succeed in life. Shri Ganapathi Pillai stressed to the teachers that they should provide students with education for a living as well as education for life by nurturing each child to understand life as well as what is required to lead a peaceful life, which would give them a strong foundation,.

The resource person said that to provide better education, teachers should know who they are, what they can do for their students and society, and how they can be role models to the children, which would make the teaching –learning process more effective. He also spoke about how India is being influenced by western culture in a world that is changing fast, and how it is very important to nurture traditional values in children before they lose respect for the old value system completely. He stressed the importance of strengthening the minds of children, especially their hearts, to develop discipline and moderation in all areas of life.

The facilitator inspired teachers to find a child’s uniqueness and to ignite their enthusiasm by using innovative methods in teaching. He also added that the love and care of a good teacher can sort out the mystery box of a child’s mind which would enhance their potential. The facilitator also remarked about the need to feel inspired, and the importance of the teacher in the teaching-learning process.

The resource person helped teachers to self-evaluate their abilities. He conducted various activities to understand their negative emotions, their attitudes, beliefs, value systems, etc., and also helped teachers to introspect and improve themselves. The workshop included inspirational and real life videos, images and power point presentations.

At the end of each day, there was question and answer session where Shri P. Ganapathi Pillai and Shri Rajvel answered all the queries of the teachers regarding classroom related situations. The teachers actively participated in the interesting discussions that focussed on the important role of a teacher. Teachers were encouraged to share their teaching experience and the unique ways in which they engage students.

At the end of the 3rd day of the session, teachers were asked to write their weaknesses on a piece of paper and put it in the fire which symbolised surrendering them to Amma, making their minds and hearts pure.

 The 3-day workshop was lively and interactive which prompted teachers to stop and revisit themselves, paving the way for improvement. The workshop was very refreshing, and the discussions and self-evaluation helped to rejuvenate the teachers’ minds.