Our school conducted Sadgamaya Residential Camp for students of Class X on June 10 and 11, 2019. The focus of the camp was “My life, my career”, and was led by four resource persons, Mr. Vivek Vijayan, Mr. Amritesh A.R., Mr. Rupesh Kalesan and Mr. Suresh K.P.

The students were divided into six groups, each with a group leader. The first activity was to fill all the details regarding how much they know about their friends. All the students actively participated in this activity.

The first session began with the introduction of the tagline of the Sadgamaya Camp, “My life, my career”. The resource person explained the two different types of education, “education for a living and education for life”. He also suggested methods to control anger as well as the mind, and spoke about the basic values to be cultivated in life. The students were then made to play balloon games which made them active and competitive.

After lunch, Rupesh Sir conducted a Vedic Maths session which involved interesting concepts and challenges. The students found it very enjoyable. Various outdoor games were also conducted to teach the moral, “Unity is strength”. The children were also taught time management skills. From around 7 pm to 8 pm, they took part in meditation and singing bhajans. A camp fire was organized after dinner.

The second day started with a yoga session. Various videos were played, showcasing the glory of ancient India, universities like Takshashila and Nalanda, the ancient language Sanskrit, plastic surgery and medical skills of the ancient Indian people, invasions by foreigners, etc.

The camp was very informative as well as enjoyable, and students got a platform to explore and express their creativity. All the students participated in the camp and enjoyed the various activities which helped to strengthen team work as well as personal accomplishment. It was indeed an effective and successful camp.